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Hi! I'm Tatiana but my nickname is Taty. I'm a student of law from Italy. I first watched TXF on June 29, 1994. On this day TXF arrived on the Italian TV and I watched The Pilot! I first fell in love with DD some time before TXF stared when I watched "Julia Has Two Lovers." I was thinking "Who is this guy? He's so cute!!" ;) I like all science fiction (especially TXF and Star Trek), cats (I have two of them), and listening to music; all kinds.

A shipper or not? I don't know if I'm really a true shipper...I'd like to see them together but what then? I don't think I'd like TXF to become a soap I hope if something has to happen between Mulder and Scully it will happen in the last episode.


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Prato (Near Florence)