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Some of you may remember the famed "VANCOUVER VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP 1997" well it's another year and we have tons of new members who missed out on that. So....*drum roll*...we're off on a brand new road trip! Introducing "ADVENTURE 1998". We've all piled into the psychadelic van and are off to raise some hell. Read on and enjoy!


*Alexa pulls up the narley, able to drive over water and reach destinations in a flash, psychadelic van*

All right...this baby is gased up and ready to go...where to first?? To L.A. to shmooze with the big wigs or maybe on an epic adventure to places and lands unknown? I am Alexa...the driver and rehabilitated cow killer...I will get you to your destination safely. You will be relaxed (?), happy, and a little bit crazy. Are we ready?? This thing might look small but it'll hold more than you think...ALL ABOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!!!!!!!!!!

CLAIRE- yes I'll be your co(w)- driver!, lets go!!!!!! (where are we going exactly!)

ALEXA- *Alexa zooms over to England to pick up Claire...who comes out wearing a strange purple skirt!! (???)* Hey Claire you've got shotgun...hop in!!!! Our next destination depends on who joins us next....if noone does then we're off to raise some hell!!!!!

CLAIRE- How'd you know what skirt I was wearing LOL *Claire jumps in the incredably groovy van- is that cow blood on the side?*

ALEXA-, no, no! That's just some of the red paint I spilled prettying up this cool van! Yeah, that'll work!

CLAIRE- yeah OK I can deal with that!! ALEXA WATCH OUT FOR THAT SHEEP!! phew! How about Roswell, lets go there!

NICELE- LOL!! No matter, it wouldn't be the same without you behind the wheel!

ALEXA- Dammit dammit dammit! What is it with these farm animals??? And Roswell sounds really cool...after we pick up everyone let's head there! great idea!!

CLAIRE- yess!!! "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!" *sorry* lets go!!!!!!! lets look for some Aliens!!!!! *sorry bit hypo!*

ALEXA- Nicele dear..are you joining us??? I'm on my way to pick up Ash...tell me where you are and we'll be there in a flash!!!!!!!!

CLARE- Hey, while you're over here, wait for me!! *Clare jumps on the bus just as it begins to zoom off* Phew that was close. Okay, I brouht my usual cookie dough ice cram, anybodywant some?? Hehe, and I've got my three clones - Mulder, Skinner, and Vampiric Mulder!! *eg* ok, off we go!!

CLAIRE- hey my evil twin!!!!! yum cookie dough!! *not now mulderclone later LOL*

ALEXA- Whoa...did you all see Clare just catapult herself and those clones into this thing! That was way cool Clare. Glad you're here!

NICELE- Woohoo!! *nicele jumps in the van and gets comfortable in the back by the jacuzzi* Did anyone bring the clone machine? Let's burn some rubber!! I kind of just jumped on when you weren't looking, but we can just pretend you swung by DC so I don't feel like a stowaway! I brought some XF posters to help theme-up the interior, now I just have to find a place to hang them...

CLARE- Hey guys, I've been on this list one year today!! Who wants a drink to celebrate?? *eg* *hands out beers to everyone in the van* It's been a great year, I love you guys!!! Well I like to do little acrobatic moves just to keep people interested! glad you enjoyed it, and glad to be here!! Hey, I brought hte alcohole supply, anuone want a drinkk? oops, soory, I just read what I wrote, and noticed all the pselling mistakes, I'm sorry guys but I juts got home form the pub and I am drunk as a skukn!! (me? drimking problem>? never"!!

CANA- **Dana steps into the van looking around at the fimilar site** Can I have shotgun? Or is Claire going to sit there? Since I'm here early, I'm not going to be squashed like b4.

ALEXA- Well, Dana dear you are in luck because this van has a big ol' wide, roomy front seat with plenty of room for 3 people!! So, Claire if you didn't notice...we just shot off to Michigan to pick up Dana!!

DANA- LOLOL!! **Dana takes a seat in the front with Claire and Alexa.** LETS GO!!! **Dana takes a seat nearist(sp?) to the front. **Dana pops open her beer** Cheers to that!!! **Dana takes a long sip** Happy Anniversary Clare!

CLAIRE- yes!!!!! *manic drivers!!!*

ALEXA- *Alexa bursts into song* "Just another Manic Monday..ooooohhhhh ohhhhhhh..I wish it were Sunday...."

CLAIRE-*claire does the backing vocals* ahhhahhhhhh Hey Dana glad you've joined us! there plently of room at the moment- I'm just the map reader! THIS VANS SO COOL (oops capts!) either that or your just a mega fast driver Alexa!

ALEXA- Well....this van is pretty hyped up...but others can attest to the fact that I am a SPEED DEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Born to be wiiiiiillllllllldddddddddd* (you forget that I'm also the official singer!)

CLAIRE- HEY Stehenwolf (sp!) cool!!!!

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