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Hi everyone, Shir here...:)) I'm a 15 year-old-drooler, from Israel. :-)

I started watching The X-Files so late - in the end of season 3... The first episode I watched was WetWired... Ouch...:)) I thought the show was neat, but I wasn't really hooked until I watched Anasazi, on a rerun...:0) Luckily they put those pretty often here in Israel!

My favorite Mulderism is: "I think it's remotely plausible that someone might think you're hot". (E.B.E.)

And DD quote: "Whenever Mulder leaves Scully, she does something interesting, like has a baby. Whenever Scully leaves Mulder, he just fiddles around in his underwear and dribbles a basketball". (US magazine, March 1998)

Oh - and I'm also a _huge_ shipper - how can I forget? :-()

Among other things, I like computers and Internet alot, TV, movies, music (Almost any kind!), and just about anything that's fun!

I guess that covers it...

You can always write me - I love getting E-Mails! =c) C'ya!


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