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Hey all, this is me, Noora from Finland. Sorry if this is tacky, I've never done a summary about me before... Hmm... I first started watching The X-Files because I wanted to rebel against my mom who didn't want me to watch such (here goes a quote from mom) "scary stuff" at the age of 13. Oh please! The very first whole ep I saw was "Our Town", and I was immediately hooked! I started taping the episodes since "Oubliette". I'm now 15 and haven't missed one single ep since the first one I saw. :o)

My favorite eps are "Small Potatoes" (no Season 5 in Finland yet), "Pilot" (thank you whoever decided to rerun the S1!!!) and Jose Chung's From Outer Space (yeah, most of the humorous eps). I think I started liking Mulder/DD the first time I saw him, but I didn't want to admit it to my mom, so I acted like I didn't care (I know!!!!!!!!! I'm so horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniff*), but soon I started admitting it; there was really no denying after mom saw that huge pond of drool on the floor after I'd watched TXF. ;o) My mom is sort of a DD drooler herself, so I'm lucky! :o)

What about my favorite Mulder/DD quote, some of you may ask. I don't know, the answer'll be, 'cause everything he says is so sweet! %o). And to if I'm a Shipper or a NoRomo: SHIPPERS ALL THE WAY! :o))))

Okay I think this has been long enough, if you'd like to chat w/ me, my e-mail addy is linked over there! :o)


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