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I'm a single mother of 6 ...... 3 are still at home.... & LOVE being a Mum. I live at the north end of Vancouver Is. B.C. in a *small* place called Sointula. My kids right now Sept 98 range from 10 yrs old to 24 oldest and youngest are boys the rest girls.

I've watched X-Files since Season 2 though it wasn't until winter of Season 5 I realized how absolutely **yummmmmy** David/Mulder... by the time he crept up on my & I clued in I was already *hooked*.... & that was before I found out he had a degreee in Literature.

I also have a little white house in the gutter where people are welcome for tea *anytime* I was on the virtual road journey ( though rather quiet ).

*one* of my fav. Mulder quotes is ... "I just don't want you to think you have to hide anything from me.." from Irresistable.

Scully quotes.... " Mulder you're crazy ... "

M Mori is my fav. EP if I *had* to pic a fav. My Mulder clone is from *Anasazi* ...... *love* that blue shirt Mulder wears and looking after him in the bed scene when he's shot... COME VISIT US....! ! ! !


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Sointula, Vancouver Island, British Columbia