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Clare    Fellows

I still remember the episode, and even the scene, of The X Files that made me fall in love with David Duchovny. It was Little Green Men, the Season 2 opener, in the scene where Mulder and Scully are in the covered parking garage and she ruffles his hair. From that very moment on I have never been the same person. My friends call me obsessed, but what do they know?

The DDDB was the first online fan club I ever joined, and to this day it is my favorite. Since joining this group, I have joined many other David fanclubs including the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to David Duchovny, the Almighty Cult Of David Duchovny, The Mulderwear brigade, The Society for David Duchovny Lovers, the David Duchovny Shockwave brigade and the Teenage Davidites. David is not the only reason I love The X Files. I am a huge fan, I think the writing is amazing, and so is the acting. I am a huge fan of Gillian Anderson as well as David. I am also a die hard shipper, joining groups such as the Mulder and Scully Romance Brigade. Obsessed? Me? Never!

OK, now onto non-X Files stuff. I am from London England, and my DOB is 28th June 1981. I am a big fan of The Simpsons, South Park, Ally MacBeal and ER. My favorite movie ever is Silence of the Lambs, although it must be pointed out that this is likely to change the minute I see Fight The Future! I also love to read, especially Stephen King, but I am also passionate about Shakespeare, he is the most romantic writer that ever lived!

But it must be said that my one true love is with The X Files, and of course my heart will always belong to David!


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London, England