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Hi All, I'm 34, live in London, England and have been married 12 years to a guy called Ian who I met while working for Barclays Bank. I've got 2 wonderful kids(well, they're wonderful most of the time) aged 7 & 4. For the moment I'm a kept woman, but I would like to get a job once my daughter starts school full time.

My first ep of TXF was 'Squeeze' and I didn't immediately full for Mr. D, just thought the program was excellent. It was ages, probably half way into season 2 or later before I finally succumbed to David's good looks. Now I just can't get enough of him, which is one of the reasons I joined the list of Droolers.

My musical tastes are quite varied, from Barry Manilow ( heard that DD's a closet BM fan too .) to Queen, Oasis, Kular Shaker, Sheryl Crow, Cast, David Bowie, Simply Red. Also a fan of Reggae music.

Favorite Mulderisms: 'How can I get it off my fingers fast without betraying my cool exterior'


'I would never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation'

Ambitions for the future, apart from meeting DD in the flesh would be to one day live and work in the US.


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