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Hi everyone, I'm Bec...

Well, I'm actually Rebecca Sunshine Finkelstein (no joke, and no, my parents weren't hippies..lawyers..) but pretty much everyone calls me Bec..or Fink...or Sunny, if they want to be hit!

I'm from Sydney, Australia, and *drum-roll* I'm an x-phile! Actually, the story of how that came about is quite interesting..I have a friend called Katherine who I am absolutely in awe of, her shipperiness (??) is incredible..she introduced me to fanfic sometime in 3rd season, even though I had never even seen an ep. I still refused to watch an ep, even though I was in love with fanfic, until about the fourth season, but now i don't miss an ep! I havent seen ALL the ones I missed out on (though kath's doing her best!) but having read so much fanfic, I know what happens in each one.

This has led to a bit of a problem..I often don't remember whether something happened in an ep, or just in a fanfic I read. I scare poor Kath to death, talking about something that she thinks she can't remember, when in reality it never happened..but enough about that!

I was born on the 5th of March 1982 and am pretty much a spoilt brat. I obviously think DD's drool-worthy, and I am a rabid shipper!

I'll be seeing your side of the world again (all you Americans) in a few years, once I've finished high school..Harvard, watch out!


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