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Alexa    of    the    DDDB

Hey girls this is Alexa (Marianne in real life). I've been a part of this list about a year (it's summer '98). I was here during the "Vancouver Virtual Road Trip '97" where as official Driver and Singer I slaughtered cows and kept everyone's ears tweaked. I've also been a "Gutter Girl" and a "Maid of Dishonor" at Pixie Dust's gutter wedding.

The first ep I ever saw was "The Calusari" and sadly enough I wasn't hooked. It wasn't until my boyfriend started watching that I really did too. Then I was glued to the TV every Friday night (now Sunday). My favorite ep is "3" although "Bad Blood" follows a close second.

I am also a HUGE shipper! I know it would probably ruin the show and all but dammit I want them to kiss! One of them needs to dream it or something!

I must say that I am more "in love" with Mulder than DD...but you know how it is!

Fave DD quote: As Jake in "The Red Shoe Diaries" Movie "Put 'em on bitch"

Fave Mulder quote: I forgot what ep it's from "One more string of firecrackers goes off and I'm gonna get out of the car and shoot somebody"

[PS: My fave Lone Gunman is....LANGLEY! (did I spell that right??)]

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